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  • I have a query, how do I contact Nottingham Cars?

    Please submit a query via our contact form or call our contact centre on 01159 700 700.

Lost Property

  • I’ve lost something in one of your cars. How do I get it back?

    If you think you’ve lost an item in one of our vehicles then please get in touch with us as soon as you can. We will try our best to find the missing property for you and organise it’s return. Unclaimed property may be disposed of after a period of three months.

Social Responsibility

  • What do you do for the environment?

    The environment is important to us. We are constantly striving to do more for the environment including recycling 97% of all our waste and recycling used engine oil. We are currently looking into the de-vulcanisation of our waste tyres.


  • Can I get a receipt for cash booking?

    At the time of payment you may request a receipt from your driver. Please note that we are unable to provide receipts for cash bookings once the driver has dropped you off at your requested destination. If you booked via the app, your original confirmation email will act as a receipt, minus additional charges.


  • Are you able to supply marshalls for an event?

    We can provide on-site coordinators (OSO) at every event, ensuring your staff and clients have a single point of contact. Complete this form with all of your requirements and a member of our team will be in touch with you.
  • Do you have an events team to help organise events?

    Our events management team arrange car services for all types of company events, including: conferences, open days, road shows, summer balls and Christmas parties.
  • What constitutes a booking being made via your events team?

    In order for a booking to be handled by our events team it must consist of at least 15 vehicles. Anything less than this can be handled through our customer service centre.


  • What is your minimum fare?

    Our minimum fare is £2.80.
  • Do you have surge pricing?

    We do not operate a surge pricing policy.


  • How much luggage can I take in a car with me?

    This is all dependant on the size of the car and how many passengers are travelling.
  • Why do you need the flight number when picking up from airports?

    If you provide us with your flight number at the time of booking then this allows for us to monitor the relevant flight and alter the collection time accordingly to ensure that we meet you when your flight lands. If you wish to add a delay time to your booking to ensure you are picked up later, please specify at the time of booking.
  • When should I do if my flight is late landing?

    If you provide us with your flight number at the time of booking then we will be able to track the flight and adjust the pickup time in case of any delays.
  • Where will my driver meet me?

    This depends on the airport you are travelling into so be sure to check when your booking for your specific pick up point.
  • Do you charge waiting time at airport?

    Within your booking quote we include 30 minutes waiting time. You can add a delay time to your booking if you feel that you need more time. After this period waiting time is charged accordingly.
  • What happens if my flight has been cancelled?

    If you provide us with the flight number at the time of the booking then we will be aware of this cancellation and therefore will cancel the booking. Should you need to make an alternative booking for a different date or time then you can do so via the web, app or our Customer Service Centre.
  • Why do I have to pay for parking at the airport?

    Our driver will be charged a parking fee when exiting the airport and as this fee cannot be predetermined as it can vary depending on the length of stay. We apply this charge after the booking has been completed.

Drive with us

  • Who are Nottingham Cars?

    We’re the best private taxi hire service in Nottingham. Having started in 1975 with a single car and the belief that taxis and minicabs could be done better we now transport thousands of passengers across the city and beyond each year.
  • What experience do I need?

    We look for enthusiasm and reliability in drivers. Experience as a private hire driver is not necessary, but a good working knowledge of Nottingham is required. We are here to help introduce drivers to the industry. You will need to apply for a Nottingham private hire licence and have a good command of English.
  • Will I be self-employed?

    Yes. All Nottingham Cars drivers are self-employed and responsible for their own tax and national insurance.
  • Do I have to work set shifts?

    Nottingham Cars driver jobs are completely flexible. Work the hours that suit you best. There are periods during the week where we are busier and specific incentives are in place to encourage drivers to work. During the week, we are particularly busy during the early morning and evening periods. At weekends we are very busy later in the evening.
  • What do I need to become a driver?

    You will need to provide us with your driving licence, your Nottingham Private Hire license (both parts) and 2 forms of identification clearly showing your current address. We can support you with the Nottingham Private hire license process, please contact driver recruitment on for more information.
  • Do I need to provide my own vehicle and will I pay for fuel?

    Unlike other car driver jobs we offer a vehicle rental scheme, where the more journeys you complete the cheaper the weekly vehicle rental charges become. Nottingham Cars vehicles are all typically less than 3 years old and are regularly maintained by our dedicated service technicians. This means that the hassle of organising insurance, MOT and PHV checks, repairs or replacement vehicle will be taken care of for you, allowing you to stay on the road and never miss an opportunity to earn more money. As a self-employed driver it is your responsibility to hire a vehicle and to pay for the fuel and other costs.

Passenger Car Services

  • What is a standard car?

    A standard car is either a Toyota Avensis or a Toyota Prius. Unless otherwise specified or if you’re a Priority Account Member, a standard car will be the default car booked. All standard cars carry between 1-4 passengers.
  • What is a large car?

    A large car in our fleet is a Ford Galaxy. Large cars can transport up to five passengers. Please specify at the time of booking if you require a large car.
  • Can I carry an animal in one of your vehicles?

    If you wish to travel with an animal, please notify us at the time of booking. It is ultimately the driver’s discretion as to whether they complete the booking but the animal must be secured during travel.
  • What are your vehicles equipped with?

    All of our cars are fitted with complimentary Wi-Fi and in-car chargers.
  • Why did a standard car arrive rather than the executive car requested?

    During very busy periods the requested vehicle may not be available at the time of your booking. Should this be the case, another suitable vehicle will be despatched to you.
  • Do your vehicles have child seats?

    In a licenced taxi or mini cab, children under 3 years of age can travel in the back seats without a child’s car seat or seat belt. Children aged 3 years and over can travel without a child’s car seat if they wear an adult seat belt. Please note that we do not supply childrens car seats or baby seats in our vehicles so these cannot be requested or provided by our drivers. If you wish to provide your own child car seat for an airport journey, then we would be happy to store these until you return. Please see for more detail.

Priority Accounts

  • How can I pay for my invoice?

    Your invoice can be paid using Direct Debit, Credit/Debit Card or BACs payments Please contact to change your account payment method.
  • What is the difference between cash and account bookings?

    Please see the benefits of a Priority Account below.
  • What are the benefits of having an account?

    As an account holder you have priority over non-account bookings which means faster pickup times, dedicated contacts, access to our accounting team for invoicing and many other benefits
  • Are the rates different for account bookings compared to cash and card?

    Rates for account holders are different to those for non-account customers, which reflects their membership status and the priority service we provide for such customers.
  • How do I open a Priority Account?

    You can open a Priority Corporate Account or Priority Account online by clicking here or by contacting a member of our sales team on 01159 700 700.
  • How do I close my account?

    We’re sorry to see you go! If have any specific feedback for us please do not hesitate to contact a member of the customer relations team. Nottingham Cars do not have a cancellation period, so if you do still wish to cancel your account, please complete the form ensuring you quote your account number and name.


  • How do I get a quote?

    You can get an instant quote on the app or web by inputting all of the booking details before confirming the booking or you can call our contact centre 24 hours a day on 01159 700 700 where one of our friendly advisors will be more than happy to assist.
  • How do I amend a booking?

    The easiest way to amend a booking is by logging on to the app. Otherwise you can make an amendment via our contact centre on 01159 700 700.
  • How accurate are your estimated journey times?

    All of our journeys are estimates only so please allow extra time should you need it.
  • Can I keep the same driver all day?

    Depending on availability we can offer ‘as directed’ services within Nottingham which allow you to keep a driver for a specified period of time and direct them to each destination. The driver must make more than 3 stops (otherwise the price will be calculated using the pickup and drop off points). Minimum time permitted is one hour (additional hours charged on pro-rata basis) and the customer must inform the driver of the route when on board. Rates start at £30/hour for a standard car. Please call our contact centre on 01159 700 700 for further details and to book.
  • What shall I do if my car is late?

    You can track your driver in our app or from the link in the text message sent to you when your driver is on their way. You can also call or text your driver directly, however please take into consideration that the driver may be driving at the time. If you haven’t received this message and want an update on your booking you can call our customer service centre on 01159 700 700.
  • Are you able to collect me from a public event?

    During public events there are many occasions when road closures and restrictions will be put in place outside of our control. Due to this we may advise of a specific pick up location and advise that you communicate with your driver directly for ease of pick up.
  • Do you need a mobile number in order to make a booking?

    In order to receive text messages from us confirming the driver’s details, status and meeting points we do advise that a mobile number is provided when making a booking.
  • Can I book a car in advance?

    We are more than happy to accept pre-booked journeys. Before confirming a booking you will always have the option to specify the pick-up time required.
  • Do I need to tip the driver?

    You are not required to tip your driver although any tip is greatly appreciated by them.
  • What age can an unaccompanied child travel in your car?

    We do not allow any unaccompanied minors under 11 years of age to travel alone in a passenger vehicle. When making a booking for any unaccompanied minor the customer must inform us that an unaccompanied minor will be travelling. We do not accept any additional responsibility for any minor who travels unaccompanied in a passenger vehicle.
  • Are your vehicles equipped to carry wheelchairs and how can these be booked?

    Our standard car services (Toyota Avensis and Prius Plus) are able to transport collapsible wheelchairs and up to 4 passengers. Simply book a standard car on our website or app. If you need to travel in your wheelchair then we also have a mobility service with ramps to facilitate this. This can be pre-booked here.
  • How do I apply a promotional code to a booking?

    Promotional codes can be redeemed when booking via our mobile app by selecting the Promo section at the time of the booking.


  • How many drivers do you have?

    Our ever growing fleet currently consists of over 450 vehicles in Nottingham.
  • Are your drivers insured?

    All of our drivers are fully insured.
  • How do I leave feedback on a driver?

    You may leave a “rate my driver” request once a booking has been completed to provide feedback on your driver. Alternatively you can provide us with feedback about your driver or experience by heading over to our contact form.
  • How are Nottingham Cars drivers licensed?

    All drivers must apply for a private hire licence through Nottingham City Council – they must also complete a medical, DBS check and topographical test.
  • I can’t find my driver, what do I do?

    Driver and vehicles details including a contact number are sent to you at the time of booking. Please contact your designated driver directly or call us and we will track them for you.
  • How do I become a driver?

    Please contact our driver recruitment department or fill in the form on our website.
  • Can I request a specific driver?

    You can request a driver and we will do our best to allocate them to your booking however this is not always possible.
  • What training do you give your drivers?

    All drivers have a thorough induction when starting with Nottingham Cars. This covers customer safety, policies, procedures, best practice methods, technical equipment training, disability inclusion and cycle awareness. Where necessary we support the drivers with intervention training for customer service, best practice, working efficiently and driving styles.
  • Can I suggest a route to my driver?

    All passengers are able to suggest a preferred route to a driver at the time of the booking and they will do their best to fulfil this request depending on the conditions.
  • How will I know when my car is on the way?

    Shortly before the journey time, we will send you a text message with the driver’s details including the registration number, make and model of the car and the driver’s contact number. You will then be able to track your driver through the app to see driver’s estimated time of arrival.
  • What shall I do if my driver is late?

    You can track your driver on our app or from the link in the text message sent to you when your driver is on their way. If you haven’t received this message and want an update on your booking you can call our contact centre on 01159 700 700.


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