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Our Top Tips For The Freshers Of Nottingham


tarting University is life changing. It is most people’s first time away from the parental home and can be one of the most daunting experiences of your life. There’s a lot to take in. You’ll be looking after yourself and your finances for the first time and you might even be in a completely new city. Because students are so important to us here at Nottingham Cars, we’ve written this blog with our top tips for starting university in Nottingham.

Make Friends!

When you show up to your halls it can be terrifying. When you were younger you were told not to speak to strangers and now you’ll be living with a bunch of them. We suggest bringing a doorstop so you can leave your bedroom door open when you’ve moved in (whilst you’re there obviously). It’s such a hectic time for everyone just put on some of your favourite music and let people come to see you. Music is always a great ice breaker. You can also make an effort to go and see who else has moved in alongside you.

The best thing you can do is get out and talk to people and make friends. Bring biscuits, cakes or anything else to share. Who doesn’t love a sociable cake and a brew?

Decorate your room

Make your halls feel as homely as possible. A blank beige wall is usually all that welcomes you when you first move into halls. Bring photos and posters to put up and some nice bedding and throws. Soft furnishings help to add some warmth and personality to your dwelling. It will also help with homesickness.

Get involved in freshers activities

In your first year you should try as many new things as are available to you. Grab every opportunity. Get stuck into societies from day one. Go to socials and try new things, even if it’s just the once. It’s a great way to make friends and keep yourself busy.

Know how to get around safely and cheaply

Nottingham has great public transport links but can be a big place if you aren’t sure where you’re going. Try using Nottingham Cars. In your first few weeks it can really help to hop in a taxi to get where you need to go without the added stress of not knowing each area. It can really help you find your bearings and get to know the city.

Obviously, being a student, you’re going to want to save money where possible. That’s why we help you out by offering 10% student discount. Sign up today.

With Nottingham Cars, our fully computerised booking and dispatch system provides a fast, efficient, and reliable service plus we have an app so you can book taxis on the go, save money and get to all you lectures (and parties) on time.

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