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Student Safety Keep Yourself Safe On A Night Out

Whether you’re looking forward to your graduation in the coming months, or you’re prepping yourself for freshers, you always need to make sure you are safe when you’re out at night.

At Nottingham Cars, all students are important to us, which is why we have the following advice for you to stay safe and remember you nights out for the right reasons -

Beware of theft...

If you're going to a club, try to take cash rather than credit cards with you and don't leave any of your valuables in a cloakroom. If your phone or money has been stolen report it to the cloakroom staff as there's a chance it may be found and handed in. Also report any theft to the police, as you will need an incident number to make an insurance claim.

Beware of drink spiking...

Drink Spiking is when someone puts something in your drink without you knowing and without your permission. This could be drugs or extra alcohol. This can sometimes occur in Uni bars, bars and at nightclubs, and you should always be vigilant and aware of the problem. Make sure that you:
  • Never accept a drink from a stranger.
  • Never leave a drink unattended.
  • Try not to drink from collective alcohol.
  • If you do think your drink has been spiked, tell someone immediately. You might feel dizzy, confused and experience loss of consciousness.
  • Beware of people topping up drinks with stronger drinks without your permission.
Get back safe!

You should always avoid walking back alone, especially after heavy drinking. Try to leave in groups and if you do walk make sure you are alert, walk confidently and stick to well lit, busy areas. Walk in the centre of the pavement away from bushes and shop doors. If you think you're being followed, cross the road. If you are still worried, go to a busy area like a petrol station, pub or restaurant and ask for help.

Of course, your safest option is to get a taxi home. Here at Nottingham Taxis all of our drivers have been checked and certified through the CRB and Taxi licensing Authority, so you know you’re safe when booking with us.

We pride ourselves on our great customer service - all our staff at Nottingham Cars are experienced, reliable and professional. Our fully computerised booking & dispatch system provides a fast, efficient, and reliable service, with accurate taxi tracking and estimated time of arrivals.

Because we are dedicated to the students of Nottingham we offer a 10% student discount, so you can get home safely for less!

We are also in partnership with Nottingham Trent Student Union, providing a ‘No Money, Don't Worry, Get Home Safely’ scheme. If you need to get home safely, but have no money of you, you can get home with Nottingham cars! Your driver will take your student ID and you can pay your fare the next day!

For more information about this service Call Nottingham Cars Ltd on 01159 700 700 - the no.1 taxi service for the students of Notts!
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