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Survive Office Christmas Party

It is nearly that time of year again when you and your colleagues get together for the Christmas party. While on the surface it seems like an innocent night out to celebrate the most exciting part of the year, we all know that actually there are some fundamental rules to remember when it comes to the big night out:


RULE #1: Watch your limit

You are going to break this rule which is why we are getting it out of the way early: try to limit how much alcohol you have because when the booze is flowing often the truths come out and you don’t want to say something that you might regret come January. It is important to loosen up on the Christmas night out but you don’t want to feel out of control so if you find you’re a bit too tipsy there is no shame in switching to water for a while.


Rule #2: Talk to people you don’t know very well

Christmas is the happiest time of the year which means that it is one of the best times to get to know some new people – everybody is on their best form! While it might feel more comfortable to sit with the same people you sit with everyday at the office; use this as an opportunity to make some new work friends.


Rule #3: Forget about the work

You might be in a really great place in terms of work at the moment or perhaps you have had a few really bad weeks – either way, nobody cares when it’s party time so forget about your concerns and relax!

Rule #4: Help others

There will be somebody at the party who has too much to drink and needs help getting home or to the next bar (if you don’t recognise this individual at the event then it is probably you). If you are sober and your workmate is not, give them a hand and make sure they get home safely.


Rule #5: Hire a reliable taxi service

If you know what time you are meeting your colleagues and when, be sure to book a taxi well in advance because December is one of the busiest times of the year for us. Most companies will have arranged a date and location by now so if you want to organise transport before it is too late get in touch now on 0115 9 700 700. Likewise, to ensure that everybody gets home safe and sound, you can call us whenever we are needed throughout the evening; remember to store our number in your phone.

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