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Top 10 Office Christmas party tips

It’s that time of year again. Nigel from accounting is wearing his Star Wars Christmas jumper, Barbara in customer care has been wearing antlers since Halloween was over and the IT support desk can’t wait for their niche “Secret Santa” gifts to go over the recipient’s head. It’s almost time for your annual Office Christmas party so here are our party season survival tips.

Don’t romance your colleagues

Unless you’re already involved with someone at work, don’t use the very public arena of the office party to declare your undying love for your colleague. It’s an awkward conversation the next day and you’ll be the talk of the office. These things very rarely end well so keep any hidden feelings hidden until a more appropriate time.

Dress appropriately

Check the dress code beforehand and try not to be too outlandish. Be yourself and dress in your own style but remember you are still being judged as though you are at work so you should dress accordingly.

Check whether there will be food provided

If there is food, make sure you eat, if not make sure you eat beforehand. You’ll need something to tide you over until your drunkenly ordered kebab on the way home. Speaking of which…

Don’t drink too much

Some places might treat you to drinks at work, some might pay for a few drinks and some might even go so far as to have an open bar. Don’t view this as a challenge. Drinking too much can lead to you making a fool of yourself in front of your colleagues and you could say or do something you later regret.

Try to choke down a glass of water here and there and keep your alcohol intake to reasonable levels. Equally if someone is not drinking too much don’t harass them about it. Be respectful of other people’s choices.

Make an effort to speak to people you wouldn’t usually talk to in the office

In larger organisations you may not get to spend time with people from other departments. Try to make a point of chatting to people you wouldn’t usually get the chance to chat to during your usual working hours.

Try not to spend the entire time talking shop

Work is the one thing that you all have in common so it’s easy to fall into the trap of talking about work the whole time. Try to steer the conversation to other subjects such as holidays, what everyone’s plans for the festive period are and be mindful that not everyone necessarily celebrates Christmas.

Thank the hosts or the organisers

Whether your company provides the party or whether some poor person has taken on the job of wrangling everyone and organising the event make sure you at least say thank you. The food might be questionable, the staff might be rude but someone has taken a considerable amount of time and energy to try to help you to have a good time. Be gracious.

Don’t post embarrassing pictures on social media

Try to keep from posting on social media too much on the night. No one wants to be staring at their phones all night and it will give you a chance to check the calibre of photographs you have taken in the cold light of the morning after. Share any embarrassing pictures with the person in private if you wish but not in public and not to other people. It’s just plain mean and could even be considered bullying.

Don’t call in sick the next day

The great thing about a Christmas party on a school night is knowing that you all have to be in work the next day. There is a very bonding experience that happens when you, your colleagues and your boss all arrive to work the next day bleary eyed and wondering how you made it onto the bus that morning. Don’t even think about calling in sick with a hangover.

Make sure your travel to and from is safe and reliable

If your office party is off-site, make sure you have a reliable and trustworthy taxi company to take you to and from the venue. Nottingham cars will take care of you in the early hours so that you arrive safe, arrive on time and arrive happy.

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