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What Makes A Car Eco Friendly

Green or eco-friendly cars are road vehicles that produce lower amounts of environmentally harming emissions when compared to other combustion engine powered vehicles running on petrol or diesel.

Like our fleet most of the eco-friendly cars you will find on the road will be of the hybrid type.

Hybrids cars live up to their name and operate by using part electric power and part fossil fuel power, generally combining the power of combustion with the power of electric to create an hybrid engine.

Though originally costing more to produce the engine, due to superior fuel economy and fewer emissions redemption of the cost can be achieved in roughly 5 years.

There are three primary reasons hybrids will typically do to achieve their results.

The use of regenerative braking allows the kinetic energy created from breaking to be converted in to electrical energy and stored in the cars internal battery.

Using both the electric motors and combustion engine to increase power when additional levels are needed, for example climbing a gradient or fast acceleration when overtaking.

Utilizing an automatic start/shutoff function that will shut off the engine of the vehicle when it has come to a stop, then once the accelerator is engaged again will restart. This can be very effective when driving in a city where there is a lot of traffic and the car will be stopping and starting on a frequent basis.

Hopefully this has shed some light on to how Hybrid cars work, how they are a benefit to the environment and why at Nottingham Cars we have the largest fleet of Eco-Friendly Taxis throughout Nottingham.

Too book one of our eco-friendly taxis or for any more information give us a call on 0115 9700 700.

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